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Devil’s Advocate: Facts about Ferguson Shooting

Leave it to America to jump the gun about a shooting. Yes, I say that lightly. Michael Brown was a African-American teenager that was fatally shot by a White police officer a few days ago. Those are the only facts we know. Let’s break down what everyone is up in arms about:

Racial Profiling:
There is racial profiling happening everywhere. We all know it. African-Americans say it is against them and they are being targetted. And I don’t disagree. History is all you need to research to see that race plays a huge role in profiling. BUT, as a police department,  is it wrong to profile a suspect? The suspect in the robbery at the store is over 6 foot tall, over 250 pounds, wearing a white shirt and is African-American. Does this fit the description of Michael Brown? Yes. Racial Profiling is necessary when getting information regarding a crime. What I mean is, if the police put out WANTED posters or alerts giving the weight, height and location of a suspect and left out their race, how many people would be scratching their heads?

Militarization & Weapons used against Rioters, Looters and Protestors:
Let’s get this straight – when you “righteously” start yelling at officers, breaking into stores along the street, looting the stores items and causing mayhem in the streets aren’t the police “righteous” in your arrest and gearing up for the worst? You can’t expect ANY police department NOT to defend themselves. Assulting an officer is a CRIME. How do you point fingers at police when you react this way towards them?

The Witness:
Tiffany Mitchell, a young woman who stepped forward yesterday as a witness to the crime, has stated a few things – 1) she only witnessed the events taking place in the police car and up until the shooting. She did not witness the initial meeting between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson.
2) She has stated that Wilson and Brown were fighting in the police car. Is that not police brutality? How do we know that Brown did not assult the officer as he was approached because he fit the description of the nearby robbery?
3) Mitchell also stated that she witnessed Brown running away from the cop (Fleeing the Scene of the Crime) and that the cop continously shot Brown even as he was down with his hands raised. The witness says Browns hands were not raised until AFTER the fight in the car, after Brown ran from the cop and after the cop fired shots towards him. The media needs to stop saying this is an horrendous crime against “an innocent black teen that had his hands raised in a surrender-like stance”.

Listen, there are still people in this word that are racist and will use their authority against a race or specific person in a way that is not justified. I do believe that. But, in playing Devil’s Advocate, is it not righteous to think and educate ourselves of the fact of the matter? Brown could very well have been targetted because of his race, because this cop is a dick and because racial profiling and racism is still very prevalent today.  But until we have all the facts on the table in front of us, the looting and violence needs to stop. Regardless of the fact of the matter, acting out in this way will not get anyone anywhere but behind bars – righteous or not.

*I am currently on neither side of Michael Brown or Darren Wilson. I am playing Devil’s Advocate because I believe there is more to this story than is being disclosed. I believe the death of teenager Michael Brown is indeed a tragedy but I do not agree with the bandwagon jumpers who need to use their words and ears before taking action.

Michael Brown: Assumptions in Ferguson

The world is going crazy over the shooting of Michael Brown. You can’t scroll down your Twitter feed or turn on the news with out hearing about it.

Apparently, a teen was walking down the street when he was targeted and fatally shot by a cop.

Wait. Did you read that? I did not put any race or age in that description. How did you feel about it? If you haven’t heard about the shooting, did you question why that information was missing? And if you have, did you still question why the information was missing?

The media – the news, bloggers, regular members of the community and the world – are speaking up and protesting about the shooting of an AFRICAN-AMERICAN TEENAGER that was shot and killed by a WHITE police officer even though his hands were RAISED. There have been no reports of Michael Brown actually committing any act of violence in which the police officer would have to draw his weapon, let alone shoot.

So how do you feel now?

Reports are coming in from everywhere. I’ve read something about a hammer, I’ve read that Brown has a history of gang involvement and violence and I’ve also read that the community is plagued by white on black crime.

Who was there? The only witness report that I’ve read has stated that Brown didn’t do a thing. I’m not disputing that by any means. I am not stating that I believe Brown ran up on the cop or made himself a target by doing some crazy act to show his hatred of the white police force in Ferguson. I’m just stating that we don’t know. This witness, Tiffany Mitchell, stated that she witnessed a fight happening in the police car between the officer and Brown. Isn’t that a crime? Assulting an officer? I do believe, however, that if the witness is correct in stating that the officer continued to shoot Brown after he chased him and even after he was down, that is not justified.

As far as the raising of his hands, the witness stated that Brown did not raise his hands until after he fought with the officer in the car and after he ran away from the scene. I’m NOT justifying the act of the cop running after him and continuously shooting. But Brown did not have his hands up in a surrender – like pose though out the entire ordeal. It is reported that it was only AFTER, and I repeat, the fight in the car and running from the scene of assulting an officer.

Once again, I am just stating facts.  I have not decided on who’s side to chose or if I will even chose a side. I am just speculating that there could be more to this story than what we know right now. The media is throwing this image of a young man with his hands raised being fatally and continually shot at by a white officer in our faces and we are all believing it. We still don’t know what happened before the ONLY witness to come forward turned the corner onto the scene. Once again, I’m just speculating and stating the facts of what we do and don’t know.

How do we know he didn’t do anything? How do we know the cop’s reaction was not justified? On the other hand, how do we know that the cop had every right to pull the trigger or even draw his weapon in the first place? How do we know that white cops are indeed targeting the African-American community in Ferguson.

Yes, history does show and numbers do prove that racial profiling does exist in the world. Justice isn’t always justified. Kids are getting killed and cops are way too trigger happy.

But before we protest, before we riot on the streets and loot stores, before we, as both black and white American citizens react, can we all please just educate ourselves?

What is the protocol for a police officer, white or black, to draw his weapon? What is the protocol for a police officer to have the authority to fire his weapon? Before you start speaking up about all the injustice in the world of racial crime, racial targeting and children dying, make sure the issue has nothing to do with race!

This is strictly my opinion. You can disagree with it 100% and think I’m an idiot because, you say, “the facts are there”. But are they? Are you getting your facts from the white police department or the black community?

At the end of the day, your opinion should be made on FACTS. I’m waiting until I hear more from both sides. I can’t listen to your screams and protests of “don’t shoot” and

“give us a name”. Let’s wait more than a few days before we jump to conclusions.