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Trigger warning: This post is about sexual molestation. If this is a trigger for you, please take care of yourself.

About 17 years ago, my husband and I were friends with a couple who had a teenage daughter. She was 14 and was pretty in the way that would someday become beautiful. I couldn’t help but notice the way eyes followed her wherever she went. No one else seemed to notice the way I did. I guess I was extra sensitive to it.

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Michael Brown: Assumptions in Ferguson

The world is going crazy over the shooting of Michael Brown. You can’t scroll down your Twitter feed or turn on the news with out hearing about it.

Apparently, a teen was walking down the street when he was targeted and fatally shot by a cop.

Wait. Did you read that? I did not put any race or age in that description. How did you feel about it? If you haven’t heard about the shooting, did you question why that information was missing? And if you have, did you still question why the information was missing?

The media – the news, bloggers, regular members of the community and the world – are speaking up and protesting about the shooting of an AFRICAN-AMERICAN TEENAGER that was shot and killed by a WHITE police officer even though his hands were RAISED. There have been no reports of Michael Brown actually committing any act of violence in which the police officer would have to draw his weapon, let alone shoot.

So how do you feel now?

Reports are coming in from everywhere. I’ve read something about a hammer, I’ve read that Brown has a history of gang involvement and violence and I’ve also read that the community is plagued by white on black crime.

Who was there? The only witness report that I’ve read has stated that Brown didn’t do a thing. I’m not disputing that by any means. I am not stating that I believe Brown ran up on the cop or made himself a target by doing some crazy act to show his hatred of the white police force in Ferguson. I’m just stating that we don’t know. This witness, Tiffany Mitchell, stated that she witnessed a fight happening in the police car between the officer and Brown. Isn’t that a crime? Assulting an officer? I do believe, however, that if the witness is correct in stating that the officer continued to shoot Brown after he chased him and even after he was down, that is not justified.

As far as the raising of his hands, the witness stated that Brown did not raise his hands until after he fought with the officer in the car and after he ran away from the scene. I’m NOT justifying the act of the cop running after him and continuously shooting. But Brown did not have his hands up in a surrender – like pose though out the entire ordeal. It is reported that it was only AFTER, and I repeat, the fight in the car and running from the scene of assulting an officer.

Once again, I am just stating facts.  I have not decided on who’s side to chose or if I will even chose a side. I am just speculating that there could be more to this story than what we know right now. The media is throwing this image of a young man with his hands raised being fatally and continually shot at by a white officer in our faces and we are all believing it. We still don’t know what happened before the ONLY witness to come forward turned the corner onto the scene. Once again, I’m just speculating and stating the facts of what we do and don’t know.

How do we know he didn’t do anything? How do we know the cop’s reaction was not justified? On the other hand, how do we know that the cop had every right to pull the trigger or even draw his weapon in the first place? How do we know that white cops are indeed targeting the African-American community in Ferguson.

Yes, history does show and numbers do prove that racial profiling does exist in the world. Justice isn’t always justified. Kids are getting killed and cops are way too trigger happy.

But before we protest, before we riot on the streets and loot stores, before we, as both black and white American citizens react, can we all please just educate ourselves?

What is the protocol for a police officer, white or black, to draw his weapon? What is the protocol for a police officer to have the authority to fire his weapon? Before you start speaking up about all the injustice in the world of racial crime, racial targeting and children dying, make sure the issue has nothing to do with race!

This is strictly my opinion. You can disagree with it 100% and think I’m an idiot because, you say, “the facts are there”. But are they? Are you getting your facts from the white police department or the black community?

At the end of the day, your opinion should be made on FACTS. I’m waiting until I hear more from both sides. I can’t listen to your screams and protests of “don’t shoot” and

“give us a name”. Let’s wait more than a few days before we jump to conclusions.

Elite Daily

Last month I was accepted as a Contributing Writer for It does not pay but I am excited to have the potential to get my articles published on their website and to use those articles in my resume. While I was applying for the online position, my brain was spitting out article ideas like rapid fire. They asked for atleast 5 article ideas and I believe I gave them 7 or 8.

But the time has come to submit an article pitch to the editor and I am drawing blanks! And I mean really bad. (Think SpongeBob in that episode where he had to write a paper and he was sitting up all night only to have written the word “THE” super fancy).

Wish me luck! I’m going to think about every day things that most people could relate to! I’ll keep you posted.

Blank and Mindless

Kim & Kanye on Vogue

The biggest story out right now is the infamous Vogue cover the features Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Many are questioning whether or not it was a good idea to feature the couple because of their “lack of fashion sense”. But I have an opinion about this.

As many already know, yes, Kim has become famous from a sex tape a few years back. However, since her spot in the public eye, the entire Kardashian family has spiraled into a massive industry. Kardashian Kollection at Sears is one of the most popular brands that the store sells. They have a nail polish line with Nicole by OPI, a new sunglasses collection, DASH, and now a brand now children clothing line. Woman all over the world look to Kim for her fashion sense. Those tight skirts that go down to your knee paired with the tight mid-drift showing cut off tops is an outfit made popular by Kim Kardashian!

Vogue likes to have woman on their cover that are very fashion forward and powerful. But if Kim says jump, many woman (and men) are jumping. She might not be the most credited fashion mogul but she is very involved with fashion. Would it have been easier for people to accept her on the cover of Vogue if she sold her clothes for hundreds of dollars like many other fashionists? Most likely. In my opinion, it is because her clothing line is able to be bought by the masses since they are so affordable that makes her not “Vogue worthy”.

Now Kanye is another story. He seems to always be in the public eye for something negative. To his fall out with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, to his interruption of Taylor Swift’s speech and now his probation, he is not the best choice for a high fashion and high profile magazine. On the Late Night Show with Seth Rogan, he said he had many fashion projects in the works and a lot of things coming out. His sneakers are sold for thousands of dollars and those pants that are made to be saggy looking (also worn by Justin Bieber) were first seen on him.

I think it’s very acceptable for kim to be on Vogue. I personally think her entire family should be on the cover – kim, khloe and kourtney. Maybe even just Kendall on the cover would have been awesome too!

Leave Kim alone. She’s doing everything right!

A Kardashian Lover

Winning Streak

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. So basically, you aren’t going to believe this after you read this post. BUT guess who’s been working out every day?

I had a physical last thursday and had a huge wake up call. He reminded me about all the problems that run in my family (heart problems, diabetes, cancer…) and it just made me realize that being over weight can bring that on even sooner. I don’t need any more problems and if I’m going to have a medical issue, I don’t want what I’m doing (or not doing) to make it happen quicker or at all.

I still have cheat foods here and there (I ate wings and half a piece of cake a few nights ago and I’m still trying to lose the guilt that set in right after). But it’s only my first week and I think I’m doing pretty well. I wake up WANTING to work out. I woke up late yesterday and didn’t get to go to the gym before my dentist appointment so I put on the Grease soundtrack and got on the treadmill. Who am I?!

I’m proud of myself and very excited. Hope I continue with it and start to see results!

Fit & Motivated

Ratchet & Horrible Customer Service

Nothing grinds my gears more than a person who can’t communicate well with people or just plainly hates all people. These are the people working behind the desk, over the phone or anything that involves customer service. Why?! Why do you have a job where you need to communicate with maybe hundreds of people a day but can’t be nice or polite, let alone professional.

As I sit at my doctors office waiting to be called in for a physical, I can hear this young woman saying, “come here” to other patients and answering them with “yeah” and eye rolls. I’m refusing to even look in that direction because it will probably get me even more annoyed.

I’ve been working in the customer service field since I was 16 years old. It does not take too much to put a smile on (even if it’s the fakest one ever) or to just be polite to people. Yes, I do understand that in some instances, people do suck. They have attitudes and might not understand why something can’t be done or that it has to be done in a certain way. But take a deep breath, realize you get paid to represent a company and call the manager if the situation is that serious. I’m sure the patient or customer wants to speak to a manager anyway.

Done ranting! Hopefully they call me in soon for this appointment and it’s fast. I’m hungry! Lol

P.s- why do they make you fast before a doc appointment and then only have the afternoon available?

Hungry and Polite

just a small town girl trying to get it together.