Michael Brown: Assumptions in Ferguson

The world is going crazy over the shooting of Michael Brown. You can't scroll down your Twitter feed or turn on the news with out hearing about it. Apparently, a teen was walking down the street when he was targeted and fatally shot by a cop. Wait. Did you read that? I did not put… Continue reading Michael Brown: Assumptions in Ferguson


Elite Daily

Last month I was accepted as a Contributing Writer for EliteDaily.com. It does not pay but I am excited to have the potential to get my articles published on their website and to use those articles in my resume. While I was applying for the online position, my brain was spitting out article ideas like… Continue reading Elite Daily


Ratchet & Horrible Customer Service

Nothing grinds my gears more than a person who can't communicate well with people or just plainly hates all people. These are the people working behind the desk, over the phone or anything that involves customer service. Why?! Why do you have a job where you need to communicate with maybe hundreds of people a… Continue reading Ratchet & Horrible Customer Service