How to: DIY Photo Booth

When I worked in a catering hall, I saw tons of awesome party ideas. From photobooths to bands, weddings and big events always have some sort of entertainment set up that looks like it costs a million bucks. News flash – it does! You didn’t hear this from me, bDSCN2839ut a photobooth can cost up to $700 for the entire night (some companies even charge by hour!) Now, I’m not good at math by any means, but that equals quite a lot of doll-hairs.

With the help of Pinterest, Michael’s and a little bit of creativity, you can create your own photobooth for under $100. Here’s what you need:

A camera
You can use your phone or any camera you can get your hands on. You don’t need to hire a photographer to take pictures when you have hands, common sense and some sort of good aim. If you want less responsibility throughout the night, set up a table with multiple disposable cameras and have your guests snap photos of themselves all night!

Head to Michael’s
Every time I step into Michael’s I hear angels singing. I can not spend less than an hour going up and down the aisles just looking at all the beautiful craft supplies. My mind starts racing and wandering. For those who are not like me and have an anxiety atrack as soon as the automatic doors open, don’t panic! The first thing you need to make sure of is that you have a list of what you need to buy and some coupons. For this photo booth, I needed some inexpensive frames, some chalk and 2 photo booth kits. You can almost always find coupons for Michael’s on their website (www.michaels.com). I asked a sales associate where I could find all of these items and had no problem finding anything. One of the photo booth kits (when I mention a photo booth kit, it’s a small box with some sticks and cut outs. Think: glasses and mustaches you hold up to your face while in a photo booth) had a tear in the box. I asked if I could get a discount and actually got 10% off. Not a great discount but a discount is still a discount.

Stage Your PhotoboothDSCN2838
I was lucky to be taking pictures for my cousin in her huge backyard and found a great place out of the way of the party traffic but still in the area to set up the photo booth. You might want to make the photo booth front and center but that can cause crowding and off-set the atmosphere if the room/space is small. Chose somewhere with a good amount a room and a great view of the rest of the party. I have seen some people create their own backgrounds for the photobooth. For this event, i simply used some vibrant green bushes and trees alreadDSCN2837y in the background. When using a professional camera with a powerful lense, the colors look amazing. But any phone or camera will still do a great job! My aunt happened to have two watering cans nearby. I simply put the sticks with the props in the cans for easy access.

You don’t always have to spend a ton of money to create great memories. Hiring a photographer would have put a dent in my pocket and might have even taken away from the event. I mean, who wants some guy you don’t know in your face telling you to smile and not telling you that you have something in your teeth?

Amateur Photographer


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