Kim & Kanye on Vogue

The biggest story out right now is the infamous Vogue cover the features Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Many are questioning whether or not it was a good idea to feature the couple because of their “lack of fashion sense”. But I have an opinion about this.

As many already know, yes, Kim has become famous from a sex tape a few years back. However, since her spot in the public eye, the entire Kardashian family has spiraled into a massive industry. Kardashian Kollection at Sears is one of the most popular brands that the store sells. They have a nail polish line with Nicole by OPI, a new sunglasses collection, DASH, and now a brand now children clothing line. Woman all over the world look to Kim for her fashion sense. Those tight skirts that go down to your knee paired with the tight mid-drift showing cut off tops is an outfit made popular by Kim Kardashian!

Vogue likes to have woman on their cover that are very fashion forward and powerful. But if Kim says jump, many woman (and men) are jumping. She might not be the most credited fashion mogul but she is very involved with fashion. Would it have been easier for people to accept her on the cover of Vogue if she sold her clothes for hundreds of dollars like many other fashionists? Most likely. In my opinion, it is because her clothing line is able to be bought by the masses since they are so affordable that makes her not “Vogue worthy”.

Now Kanye is another story. He seems to always be in the public eye for something negative. To his fall out with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, to his interruption of Taylor Swift’s speech and now his probation, he is not the best choice for a high fashion and high profile magazine. On the Late Night Show with Seth Rogan, he said he had many fashion projects in the works and a lot of things coming out. His sneakers are sold for thousands of dollars and those pants that are made to be saggy looking (also worn by Justin Bieber) were first seen on him.

I think it’s very acceptable for kim to be on Vogue. I personally think her entire family should be on the cover – kim, khloe and kourtney. Maybe even just Kendall on the cover would have been awesome too!

Leave Kim alone. She’s doing everything right!

A Kardashian Lover


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