Why I won’t give up anything for lent.

Hoepefully this isn’t a sin. I do not want to go to hell for not giving up meat or chocolate. Personally, I don’t usually give up a thing for lent. When I was younger I would give up soda or chicken but that was for a day or so. I couldn’t hold out any longer than that.

I know lent is supposed to be a religious experience but I have never been that strict about religion. I mean, I go to church on Easter and do believe in God but as far as following the rules, let’s just say I’m a rule breaker. Hopefully my Grandmother isn’t cursing me out in heaven as I write this (ironic? Hypocritical?) but it is what it is.

I view lent as almost as unsuccessful as a new years resolution. Is that horrible to say? I don’t know but I already typed it so I’ll go with it. The only difference of the two is that God is watching…. but isn’t he watching all the time?

Guess I’ll have to work on this whole religion thing.



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