New discoveries

Just stumbled on an app called Vinted. Where have I been? Under a rock?

I’ve been looking for a good app or website where I can sell everything I don’t use any more. I usually just give bags and bags filled with clothes and shoes every month to different charities along with my mom (and I will continue to do that) but why give everything away when I can sell the best pieces for a few extra bucks in my pocket. It’s an awesome way to make some money on the side and to get rid of the things I don’t use any more. I’ll keep you posted on my results. I just posted about 6 items! Good luck to me!

Another app I’ve come across is Etsy. Now for those who love the products on Pinterest and either can’t do them on their own or just want to buy them, here is the app for you. You can choose which category to choose from – anything from clothing to gifts. And you can buy it right from the app. I personally haven’t purchased anything yet but I will definitely be doing so soon!

I’ll keep my eyes open to update you guys about anything I come across. I know I might be late in discovering these apps (especially Etsy) but I have no shame and am really excited!

Better Late Than Never


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