Why can’t I work out or diet?

I have a huge issue with even the thought of going to the gym or dieting. It takes me about a week to talk myself into going to the gym (this includes searching pinterest for motivational pins). I finally get to the gym, do maybe 40 minutes on the elliptical and leave. I feel better because I physically went to the gym. But I don’t feel healthier. I guess going to the gym for one day won’t do that for you, but I dont feel accomplished.

I’ve been scouring my mind to find the reason why I am so lazy when it comes to getting healthy. I’ve tried crazy crash diets that left me so hungry I got sick. I’ve tried doing zumba at home but after about the first week you’re done with the entire DVD and already memorized the moves. I’ve tried going to the gym but quickly became intimidated by the people in the gym and the gym itself. Some equipment is cool but to do it by myself makes me feel weird, like everyone is watching. Even though no one cares about my fat ass at the gym.

I’ve thought I needed a trainer. Someone I’m scheduled to see a few days a week that I’m preferably terrifed of so I never miss a class and I always try my hardest. But then I remembered that I am not rich.

I always thought kickboxing was awesome and I definitely want to try it. I always liked to be challenged and that seems like a good one. I’d probably kick ass too.

So the plan is to find out when my gym membership is up and then check out a few places for kick boxing.. I’ll keep you updated.

Wish me luck!

Needs a kick of motivation


1 thought on “Why can’t I work out or diet?”

  1. We can work out together in the weekends. Sometimes you just need company to jump start your motivation. We can run in the park by the house. Just saying!!!

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