Pick Me!

pickme-pickme1It would be entirely too easy to just email the company or organization you love saying, “Pick me!” and suddenly you are sitting in your own corner office with a view overlooking the Hudson and red bottoms on your feet… right? Okay so I was completely being sarcastic but wouldn’t that be awesome? Job searching is seriously difficult. I am so driven to be in my own corner office (or just get my foot into the building) but sending out countless resumes and scrolling through job postings can get more than a little repetitive. So, I opened up a new tab on Safari, went to the site that has all of my school loan information, and stared at the number on my screen. I won’t say the exact amount, but let’s just say I need to get famous very, very quickly.

Point is, I graduated when I was 21 years old. I went to school with out taking any breaks or skipping a semester for four years. I never failed a class, never really missed a class. So when does my hard work pay off? Can I just stand outside Cosmo, Seventeen or Google with a huge “PICK ME” sign and wait for an executive to say, “You there! You have exactly what I’m looking for! You’re hired!” No? Thought I’d ask…

I have more than enough motivation to keep pushing. I get so excited and hopeful when I come across that perfect job listing that is everything I ever wanted and I get even more excited after I send in my resume. Excited… but nervous. Nervous to start my career, nervous to put myself out there. But feeling nervous is much different than being scared. Scared I am not. I am so ready to get to know that guy selling coffee on the corner of where my building would be because I go to him every morning. I am so ready to either take the subway to get to work or battle to find parking at the crack of dawn. And I am so very, very ready to pay off these school loans. I can not wait to see the $0 balance I will have staring back at ME instead of the other way around in a few years on that loan site that I hate so much.

So… Pick me! I can’t promise that I have the most experience but I do have fresh, new ideas on how I want to change the world. I’m ready to have to start from the bottom and have to claw my way to the top.


The Newest American Picker


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