DIY New Comer

So I used to think that the people that did everything on their own were just handy people. And I would never categorize myself as a “handy” person. But I think I just fell in love with DIYing.

I love thrifting – frames, mugs, sweaters; you name it and I love it. A few months ago I went to a huge thrift store in Westbury, NY and found this old desk. It was pink (-ish) and was falling apart. But the desk top was curved and the draws were still intact. I instantly saw the potential (the $13 price tag didn’t hurt either).


Now, a friend of mine’s mother is a stay at home mom and an avid DIYer. So I figured I’d pay for the materials and she’d fix it up for me. But as it was sitting in the walk-way of my home for about two months, I started to feel sorry for it. The desk didn’t ask to be ugly and neglected. That was when I decided to tackle the project.

As I said before, I know nothing about doing handy things. I’m not the best painter and I don’t normally use tools. So I decided to get my boyfriend involved. He’s a U.S. Marine Veteran and studied mechanics so he knows tools. After two trips to home depot, the work begun. Two cans on paint thinner, some demolition of the weirdly placed shelves, some sanding, new knobs and two coats of white paint and I was on my way.


I take pride in a lot of things but haven’t accomplished too much that I’m proud of lately (I’ve been super lazy to be honest!). But now that this desk is completed, I have so much motivation to do more! I may not be a DIY Queen but I’m so excited to find my next project.


P.s. the project in total cost about $40.
P.p.s. I am a Pinterest Queen, though.

DIY New Comer



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