No Social Media Resolutions!


I wonder if it’s “okay” to not have a New Year’s resolution. You hear everyone talking about it. Better yet, you SEE everyone writing about it – Facebook, Twitter, boards and posts on Pinterest… But the truth is, no one cares. There is literally no one sitting on their computers or reading from their phone thinking, “Wow! This persons resolution is awesome and I really care about it!” And if you are, get a life.

The real truth is that no one really has resolutions anyway. What? One day you wake up and think, “This is it! it’s a new year! A new me! This is MY year!” No. Please shut up. It’s really just the 1st day in January. There is nothing different besides having to remember to write 2014 instead of 2013.

What makes a new year so motivational? Why couldn’t you people do all these “new” things in like June or something. That’s the middle of the year! “Almost of the end of the year! New me!” … No? No one?

Well, for everyone out there like me that absolutely hates to see people post about their new resolutions for the year one day and then be scrolling down your timeline to find that Sally caved in and started drinking soda only 3 weeks in to the new year, give yourselves a round of applause! You didn’t cave in! You didn’t post your business on a social media site so that the world can see you fail. Because I don’t know about you people, but i can fail on my own. Everyday. In the comfort of my home. And guess what? No one has to know but me!

I guess I can understand, though. I mean, you wait all year to get some type of motivation and finally a new year comes and you get it. But please stick with it. I’ve been there. I feel your pain, baby girl. I woke up on January 1st saying, “LET’S ALL GO TO THE GYM AND LOSE 30LBS TODAY!” And as I was walking to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water for my work out, I glanced at the TV, saw Gilmore Girls was on and that was it for me. The only exercise I did that day was my jaw moving so much to chew on my chips.

All I’m saying is that it’s awesome to be motivated. It’s awesome to want to make time to do something for yourself to change for the better. Everyone should feel that way. But please do not put it on a social media site. Because if I see Sally post one more picture of her drinking soda, Sally is going down.


The New Years Grinch


2 thoughts on “No Social Media Resolutions!”

  1. I hear you girl, but people like Sally sometimes need that type of announcement to the world so that they can commit and stick with it. Sure failing all by your lonesome is easy, but failing after posting that you were going to make this big change is much harder. Don’t be so hard on Sally. Encourage her sometimes that’s all someone needs to succeed.

    1. Completely understandable. But putting your resolutions out there in public then posting pictures and comments of you doing exactly the opposite, doesn’t get you anywhere. A commitment shouldn’t be for the world to see. It should be about yourself.

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