22 & Staying In

I have a question for all my twenty-somethings. Do you feel as horrible as me when you stay in on a Friday or Saturday night? It’s almost the equivilant to how you feel when you eat 3 hot dogs back to back when you’re on a diet. On the nights that I do stay in (wracking my brain to find out why I am a grandma), I scroll through all my social feeds to find my friends having fishbowls and playing endless games of beer pong. And I can not help but feel I am missing out!

Most nights, I go out. I can be deathly tired, have work the next morning or got no sleep the night before and I’ll get the text saying, “PARTY AT____” and I’ll be the first one there. Do I have any self control?!

But I feel as though it is my duty to go out every night and sleep in so late the next morning that you don’t know what day it is when you wake up because it’s dark. I mean, who else is going to go out to clubs and bars and entertain these bartenders?! Who else is going to keep the economy going by buying endless supplies of cheap beer for endless games of beer pong?! THIS GIRL!

Someone grab a leash and hand me some self respect.


The Girl Who Needs To Get it Together


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