Why is motivation so hard to find? Like, why can’t we all just be programmed with huge amounts of motivation already installed in our brains? I have the hardest times doing things that involve motivation. Don’t get me wrong. If I want something or want to do something, it will take something really strong to stop me. But I am talking about the little things; like taking my car to get an oil change. I drive my car every single day. I see the yellow reminder light reminding me to get an oil change and get my tire pressure checked. I also know that it is fall and I should be preparing my car for the winter. But do I do it? Nope. 

This morning I woke up, pressed snooze, fell back asleep and then did not wake up until 2 hours after. I told myself that with my school schedule being the way it is this semester (late classes on certain days), I would go to the gym in the mornings and still have plenty of time before I had to go to class. But do I do it? Nope. 

What makes people motivated? Should I staple a picture of Kim Kardashian or Beyonce on the wall in front of me while I run on the treadmill? No, I couldn’t do that because my problem is that I don’t even get that far. Maybe I should get a personal trainer to kick my ass and scare me so that I am too terrified to not get up and go work out. That might actually work if I was a millionaire but sadly, I am not. 

I need to figure out a way to get me going. My mom always told me to take vitamins for energy. Maybe I’ll do that. 


1 thought on “Motivation”

  1. Talk to Ana she’s really good at the whole vitamin and exercise thing, but she’s probably just as scary to you as an exercise trainer. Try it might help.

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