Well, today is the day that everyone puts up status’ on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter that they are thankful for everything they never thought about before! YAY US! 

Just kidding. But, seriously, why don’t we appreciate what we have everyday? Take me for instance – I lost both my father and grandmother within the last two years and I still don’t realize how precious life is. I understand and appreciate what I have; a lot of people don’t have a family that loves, cares and makes me laugh like mine does. And after Sandy, a lot of people don’t have anything. But I just wish I never forgot to tell everyone how much I was thankful for them because you never know when you aren’t going to be able to get the chance to.

So thank you to my family who always keeps me grounded, laughing and focused in what I am supposed to be doing. To my friends who keep me smiling, happy and excited about where our lives are going. To my mother who literally single handedly takes care of myself and my brother. To my brother who annoys me to death and then cracks me up two seconds later. 

To those who were hit hard by Sandy, you are in my thoughts everyday. I see the news and hear the reports on the radio. I really don’t understand how you go on everyday with literally nothing. But because you all do, you are inspirations to everyone who does have things because you are the people that help us realize that tomorrow is never promised. 

I need to realize that I have it made for me – I have a car, money in my bank account, a job, a roof over my head, a great family and beautiful friends. Thats what I should be thankful for. 


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