The Struggle of Reality TV

I have a hard time NOT watching TV. Yes, I am one of those people that watch The Voice, Vampire Diaries and Revolution. I know the characters and contestants by name, age and location. I know – thats horrible. But what can I say? Americans are completely and obsessively involved with watching reality TV. You know how the older generations are really upset with the fact that MTV rarely has any music anymore (except for Jumpstart if you’re still awake at 4am)? I would be highly upset if Jersey Shore, True Life or Catfish were removed from MTV’s programming.

It’s crazy to think what we would do if we did not have these TV shows. Would we live our lives like Snooki, getting drunk and arrested in Jersey? Would we become ex-military on a mission to restore power for the entire world? Would we go online to meet random people and fall in love with them? Probably not. [Except that last one. That one tends to happen a lot.]

Point is – we live our incredibly boring and habitual lives through reality television. I do not want to have sex with random men in Cabo on the Real World. Nor do I want to have to choose between Blake or Adam on The Voice. BUT its awesome to be so involved in characters that you get nervous or excited for them. 

Note to self – catch up on the last Vampire Diaries episode that I DVRed!


1 thought on “The Struggle of Reality TV”

  1. Very well said. You being one of those, at least you admit it. I on the other hand hate that MTV plays very little music. I words I’m one of those!

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